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Controversy on the Benefits of Yoga | Healthy Living – azcentral.com

My latest health and fitness article is for Arizona Central (The Arizona Republic newspaper site) on their Healthy Living page.

Controversy on the Benefits of Yoga | Healthy Living – azcentral.com

I comment on the risks of Yoga, at least as how it is practiced or over-practiced in the USA today. References and commentary also on the recent controversial New York Times article about the dangers of Yoga for men.

South America Life Photo Collage

This is my life in Atlántida, Uruguay, and elsewhere in my travels in South America.

Check out this photo collage show. Includes Portillo, Chile, where I was the featured guest for a Ski Fitness Week, and visiting Santiago, Chile.

A Chica Norteamericana in South America Slideshow: Lisa’s trip from Montevideo, Uruguay to 4 cities Santiago, Piriapolis, Atlántida and Portillo was created by TripAdvisor. See another Chile slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

Photos by me or by my husband Mark, the Fuzzy Wanderer. Collage courtesy of Tripadvisor’s new TripWow slideshow creator.

Humanitarian Hotel Booking

I just started writing for a hotel booking site called Cheaphotels.org., which has an interesting charity sponsorship program. According to their website: ” For each reservation conducted on our homepage, we will donate 1% of the total booking value to OrphanAid Africa. This nonprofit association based in San Francisco supports vulnerable children in Ghana.”



Italy: An Emotional Force of Nature

Living, or even traveling in  Italy requires a dramatic departure from your accustomed physical and emotional geography. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” goes the cliche. Emotionalism is a national Italian trait, which is potentially contagious.

On a ski trip to Bormio, my frustrations about my inability to improve my skills lead to a tearful and inappropriately overemotional reaction. Ironically,  it was here that I first heard the song titled Stuck In the Moment.

After visiting Assisi, I came back to the US,  joined an Episcopalian Franciscan group in New York City, and spent a weekend at an Episcopalian Franciscan monastery in upstate New York.

Then, there was the summer I spent at the Universita Per Stranieri in Perugia. As we have seen from the Amanda Knox case,  Italy is an emotional force of nature, often equal to the devastating force of a tsunami.

I once pictured a life in Italy, living on the Amalfi Coast like the Donna character in Mama Mia, but since I am less of a Dancing Queen and, unfortunately, more of a Drama Queen, an emotionally calm country like Uruguay suits me just fine.

Sometimes the calm of the sea trumps the excitement of the city.

You Don’t Have to Be a Beef Eater to Love Uruguay

While meat eaters rave about Uruguayan beef, you can indeed survive in Uruguay without eating it. In fact, I recently discovered that my Spanish teacher does not eat red meat!  The vegetables here are outstanding. Even better, Uruguayans  are fond of one of my favorite foods: gnocchi! I prepared one of my favorite gnocchi recipes for a recent asado.   I barely had any leftovers!

Gnocchi Asado
Gnocchi Goes to the Asado

You’ve Got to Have Friends

Some of my best friends in the world are people I have never met in person. They are part of  group of expat writers  who write for the same content management company. When I was considering the expat life, they challenged the arguments of the nay-sayers with yay-saying retorts.

I learned something from the experience. If you are considering a radical change in your lifestyle,  the people whose opinion for which you ask  measures your commitment to the idea.  If you are hesitant, you will approach those  who live a more cautious lifestyle, but if the Life Less Ordinary    truly appeals to you, you will seek the opinions of those who do the same.

This is in no way a value judgement.  For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose, but remember, says Warren Miller:

If your don’t do it this year,  you’ll be one year older when you do!

Living the Life Less Ordinary