You’ve Got to Have Friends

Some of my best friends in the world are people I have never met in person. They are part of  group of expat writers  who write for the same content management company. When I was considering the expat life, they challenged the arguments of the nay-sayers with yay-saying retorts.

I learned something from the experience. If you are considering a radical change in your lifestyle,  the people whose opinion for which you ask  measures your commitment to the idea.  If you are hesitant, you will approach those  who live a more cautious lifestyle, but if the Life Less Ordinary    truly appeals to you, you will seek the opinions of those who do the same.

This is in no way a value judgement.  For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose, but remember, says Warren Miller:

If your don’t do it this year,  you’ll be one year older when you do!

Living the Life Less Ordinary