So We Decided to Stay

Within less than two weeks in Uruguay, Mark decided that Atlantida should be our new home. This took me by surprise, because it was Piriapolis that won our hearts, and on first impression, Mark was not really that fond of Atlantida. But this “lovely old resort town,” as Mark calls it, has a way of choosing you, and we soon decided that this was home.

A visit to the agencia inmobiliaria was the next order of business. Here are some things you should know about renting a place in Uruguay:

  • The websites, even those that are local and written in Spanish, are not the best source of information. The rental rates online are much higher, and many of the apartments featured are temporary vacation rental.
  • Uruguay does not have the American equivalent of an MLS. Each agent has his or her own listings, so shop around and make a comparison.
  • Agents are not at all pushy. This is not always a good thing, because we had a lovely apartment rented out from under us within a few hours.
  • Most landlords require five months or more in advanced rent. This is annoying, but it is in lieu of filling out a detailed credit report.
The bottom line: We found another place, and will be moving to Atlantida in late November.
Hail Atlantida!